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Why Your Lawn Loves Slow-Release Fertilizers: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

JC Holding Slow-release fertilizer granules.
JC holding a pile of slow-release fertilizer granules. Slow-release fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that releases its nutrients over time, rather than all at once. This helps to prevent nutrient burn and promote deeper root growth.

Every homeowner dreams of a lush, green lawn. To achieve this, fertilization is key. While there are numerous fertilizers on the market, slow-release variants have been steadily gaining popularity. Why? Let’s dive deep to understand why lawns seem to "love" these products and my best buy.

What are Slow-Release Fertilizers?

Slow-release fertilizers, sometimes termed controlled-release fertilizers, release nutrients gradually over time. Unlike their fast-release counterparts that provide instant nutrient shots, slow-release fertilizers sustain nutrient supply, ensuring your lawn remains nourished longer.

The Magic Behind Slow-Release:

Consistent Nutrient Supply:

Lawns need various nutrients to thrive. Slow-release fertilizers provide these nutrients at a steady pace, avoiding the peaks and troughs associated with instant release fertilizers.

Reduced Risk of Lawn Burn:

Over-fertilization or using highly concentrated fast-release fertilizers can "burn" your lawn, leaving unsightly brown patches. The gradual nutrient release in slow-release fertilizers minimizes this risk.

Economic and Eco-friendly:

Using slow-release fertilizers often means fewer applications, saving both time and money. Additionally, they reduce nutrient runoff, which is beneficial for the environment.

How Do They Work?

Slow-release fertilizers often use a physical or semi-permeable coating to encase nutrient particles. Over time, water permeates this coating, dissolving the nutrients inside, which then seep out into the soil. The rate of this release is determined by factors like the coating's thickness, soil temperature, and moisture levels.

JC's Best Buy Recommendation

For those looking to provide their lawns with consistent nourishment, I highly recommend Miracle-Gro EverGreen Premium Plus Autumn & Spring Lawn Food 8 kg - 400 m2. If you order too much, tape the bag up and keep what's left for next time.

Not only is it perfect for both autumn and spring applications, but the 8kg pack can generously cover up to 400 m2. This product has proven results in promoting vibrant green lawns, especially when combined with a slow-release regimen.


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