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June Lawn Diary: Welcoming Summer in the UK Garden 2023

Hello again, garden lovers! June is here, bringing us the longest day of the year and the official start of summer. It's a bustling time in our gardens, with the sound of bees buzzing and the sight of an array of colourful blooms. Let's delve into our lawn diary for June.

Week 1: Mowing and Watering

Continue with regular mowing. However, remember to adjust your mower blades based on the weather. If it's hot and dry, it's best to leave the grass a little longer to help protect the soil from drying out.

Watering becomes increasingly important if the weather is dry. Water deeply and less frequently to encourage deep root growth, which can help your lawn withstand a summer drought. Remember, it's better to water your lawn in the early morning or late evening to minimise evaporation.

Week 2: Keep Weeds at Bay

As the weather warms up, weeds can become more aggressive. Stay vigilant and remove weeds as soon as they appear. If necessary, consider using a selective lawn weedkiller, but always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Week 3: Pest and Disease Watch

The warm weather can also encourage the growth of lawn diseases like red thread and fusarium. If you notice any unusual discolouration or patches on your lawn, it might be worth getting a diagnosis.

Also, be on the lookout for pests. Ants are particularly active around this time, and chafer grubs may still be a threat.

Week 4: Feeding and Aerating

If your lawn is looking a little pale or thin, consider applying a summer lawn feed that's high in nitrogen. This should help to keep your lawn lush and green throughout the summer months.

If you haven't already, aerating your lawn can be beneficial, particularly if the soil is compacted. This can be done with a garden fork or a specialised lawn aerator.

Savour the Solstice

The summer solstice in June is a wonderful time to enjoy your garden. Take time to relax and admire the beauty of your vibrant lawn and colourful flower beds. Listen to the chirping of the birds and the buzzing of the bees, and take pride in your gardening achievements.

Summary of June's Gardening Essentials

In our June Lawn Diary, we've mentioned a couple of products that we believe are particularly beneficial for maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn throughout the month.

  1. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4 in 1: This all-around product nourishes your lawn while helping control weeds and moss, keeping your grass vibrant and healthy.

  2. Miracle-Gro Spreader: Achieve even distribution of your lawn care products with this user-friendly spreader. It's an essential tool for avoiding over- or under-application in certain areas. This spreader is perfectly suited for Miracle-Gro. Find our review here.

Looking Ahead

As we transition into July, maintaining the health of your lawn becomes the main focus. Watering, mowing, and keeping an eye out for pests and diseases will be your top priorities.

That's it for our June lawn diary. We hope you find these tips helpful for keeping your garden looking its best this month. Remember, every garden is unique, so adapt these guidelines to suit your specific situation. Happy gardening, and enjoy the summer!

Weather outlook for June:

  • Dry weather will likely continue across the UK.

  • Eastern and northern areas will see more clouds, with western areas being warmer.

  • Isolated showers mainly over high ground are expected early in the period.

  • Increasing risk of showers, possibly thundery, in southern and south-eastern England and Wales.

  • Light winds are expected for most, with stronger winds in the south of England and near the English Channel.

  • From June 16th to 30th, expect more uncertainty: dry in the north, potential showers in the south, and gradually rising temperatures in the east.


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